Pedro Sanches (he/him) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics, at Umeå University. His research draws on feminist epistemologies to design biodata-driven and AI-based technologies for health and wellbeing and performing arts. He applies speculative and somaesthetic design tactics to consider situated lived experiences when creating with data as a material.

Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard, PhD (she/her) is a postdoctoral researcher at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway. Through research-through-design and practice-based research, she explores how feminist design and theory can contribute to equitable and sustainable futures, specifically in the domain of digital technologies for menstrual, sexual and reproductive health.

Vasiliki Tsaknaki is an Assistant Professor in the Digital Design Department at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her research combines materials experiences, computational crafts and somaesthetic design methods. Through practice-based studies she investigates and reflects on intersections of these areas, probing the space of designing for wellbeing and exploring (bio)data as a design material.

Tom Jenkins (he/him) is Associate Professor of Interaction Design in the Digital Design department at the IT University of Copenhagen, where he leads the masters’ specialization in interaction design. His research combines community-based research through design with cultural and critical theory to produce speculative electronic artifacts that engage critically with smart products and systems to explore how interaction design can support greater resilience, health, and greener living.

Jason Tucker (he/him) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University. He is primarily interested in exploring and connecting everyday experiences with global processes, doing so from interdisciplinary perspectives. His current research looks at the everyday political economy of artificial intelligence in healthcare. He has also worked on global governance, international law, statelessness and forced migration in both policy and academic roles.

Laurens Boer is an Associate Professor in Interaction Design in the Digital Design department at the IT University of Copenhagen, where he heads the MSc in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies. His research involves research-through-design to materially explore alternative artefacts that address wellbeing more broadly, for example reconfigured social robots.